WIN-WIN Partnership

We endeavor to grow the business by aligning the philosophy to build up a long-term and Win-Win relationship with all partners.


With more than 19 years in the industry, 90 experienced people, working with hundreds of customers all over the world. We are confident to bring you the best international business practices with quality/trendy products, efficient prices, and great customer service.

Market Intelligence

Our R&D team, comprehensive product database could provide key information you need for your business success, including Market Size, Share, Trending, Costing Structure, Strong/Weaknesses of products your work with us.

Feh market research

Feh market research trends

Feh AMZ market research

We join trade fairs around the world every year which enrich our product development and help us update new trends in design, color, pattern, material, and function…


Talent R&D

We have a very talented team with 1 US Designer – visiting all the fairs to update us on trends/ideas/designs/materials/customers.

We have our own metal/Wood/Weaving team in the factory to make our designs/ samples which helps us to protect new designs, control the quality/cost of mass production, and fasten the sample timeline.

Quality assurance

All our products are shipped out under a very strict quality control process.

We have our own QC staff to conduct frequent
inline inspections and 100% of orders are inspected
before shipping out. (AQL 2.5)

Our production materials will be sourced and selected carefully from reliable and long-term cooperation suppliers.

Our suppliers’ quality control system is qualified before starting the business with us.

All products are produced following the Signed/countered samples from our customers.

Third parties (BV, SGS…) are welcome to inspect and test
our products for quality/ transit if our customer
requires it.


Our Logistics and Operations

In 2021 we shipped 2000 containers or 170 containers per month or 6 containers per day. We have experience controlling and shipping large orders for Walmart, Costco, and Aldi… We have very big warehouses and moisture control rooms to protect materials, raw shapes, and finished products from mold problems which are most important for natural handicraft products.


We invested to get certifications for

  • Social Compliance: BSCI, SMETA, SEDEX, ICS
  • Quality Control and Production Capability: ISO 9001:2015, FCCA, GMP
  • Security Control: SCS, SCAN, CTPAT
  • Environment Protection and Sustainability: ISO 14001:2015, FSC


Display our over 1000 new products in International trade shows each year



JINHAN 10/2016

JINHAN 10/2019


VIFA-EXPO 02/2022

Open 2 large showrooms:

FEH Hanoi showroom FEH Hanoi showroom at Phu Xuyen

Hanoi Showroom with over 100.000 samples, updating frequently

FEH-HCM-showroom-2 FEH-HCM-showroom-1

Ho Chi Minh Showroom with over 50.000 samples, updating frequently



Following the philosophy of Handicrafts for a Sustainable lifestyle, we take into consideration each aspect of the business to generate positive impacts on the society and environment.
Feh material


Far Eastern Handicraft Joint Stock Company

Address: No.48, Alley LK11B Str., Mo Lao Urban Area, Mo Lao community, Ha Dong town, Hanoi city, Vietnam

Tel: +84-988551506

Email: fehandicraft.com@gmail.com | davidtran@fehandicraft.com

Website: www.fehandicraft.com